BreakDomain_M2150 : ドラマチックなSFイメージ

(masterpiece,best quality), (box-art-style:1.2 ), (dramatic:1.2), experimental charm, emotional impact, dynamic, fashionable, Depth of field, 2girls, cat girl, long hair, teens fasion,(colorful), happy, Starbow, stars filling the night sky, spaceship, space suit, moon, god ray, asteroid belt, milkyway
Negative prompt: EasyNegativeV2, negative_hand-neg, extra legs, bad arms, signature, watermark, username, blush, torii, kimono, extra tail
Steps: 30, Sampler: DPM++ 2M Karras, CFG scale: 7, Seed: 2109126697, Size: 512x768, Model hash: e1ff368c5f, Model: breakdomain_M2150, Denoising strength: 0.52, Hires upscale: 1.8, Hires upscaler: R-ESRGAN 4x+, Version: v1.3.0
Used embeddings: EasyNegativeV2 [5685], negative_hand-neg [b740]
カテゴリー: AI SFキャラクター タグ: , パーマリンク